Anasa Yoga is a beautiful, fragrance-free, green-certified yoga studio & community center co-founded by two African American, creative & business-minded yoga teachers from Oakland. We honor the ancient tradition of yoga as a source for endless life benefits that enrich the mind, the body, and the spirit. 

The word “Anasa” has deeply significant meaning in several languages. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India that describes the timeless practice of yoga, anasa translates as "indestructible" or "undivided".  In Swahili, a girl child named Anasa translates as “joy”.  And in Greek, anasa means breath! Through the practice of yoga, each breath helps bring awareness to the connection between mind, body, & spirit to bring us more in harmony with ourselves. Yoga means “unite”. We hope that the wisdom of harmony, and the gifts of well-being, serve to liberate our students into discovering the connection between us all and thereby lead to making the world a better place for us all.

Yoga.Health.Community summarizes our commitment to bringing yoga and wellness practices into the Laurel District, a neighborhood located in the heart of Oakland that we fully embrace. Our diverse offerings include Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Prenatal, Anusara, and Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, and Y12SR (the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery) as well as slower-paced, alignment-based Hatha Yoga classes.  There are options for all levels of experience.  The weekly schedule also includes Meditation, Nia, and Feldenkrais® classes.  We cultivate an atmosphere of community by scheduling all weekly classes 30 minutes apart, allowing space for students to connect and get to know each other in our healing-inspired studios and tea bar lounge. Many Saturday and Sunday afternoons are graced with guest teachers and holistic-based workshops or trainings for students wishing to deepen their practice. We maintain a fragrance-free space in respect for those with allergies and environmental sensitivities.

The Instructors at Anasa Yoga each have the freedom to share their gift of wellness teachings in unique and creative ways.  Our students often refer to Anasa Yoga as a “sanctuary”.  We welcome you to stop in for a tour and learn more about our beloved community. 


JEAN MARIE MOORE / Managing Partner

Photo by Mawiyah Johnson Photography

Photo by Mawiyah Johnson Photography

Jean Marie, the managing partner of Anasa Yoga, leads Y12SR and a weekly donation-based flow yoga class. She discovered the joys of a regular yoga practice in 2004 as a means of coping with daily stress and healing various injuries, and envisioned sharing this practice with others. As a certified yoga teacher, she completed 200-hr programs with YogaFit and with Piedmont Yoga Studio; a 100-hour Immersion at Yoga Tree focusing on the Tantric roots of Yoga; studies with Rolf Gates in his 500-hour Advanced Vinyasa Training; and continues to grow through Social Justice and Leadership Trainings with Off the Mat, Into the World® .  She is certified as a Y12SR (Yoga of 12-Step Recovery) Group Leader.

As a UC Berkeley Architecture grad, and a LEED AP in the green building industry, Jean Marie retired her K-12 school construction management business at the end of 2015 and works at the studio fulltime. She assisted in the design and certification of Anasa Yoga as Alameda County's only green-certified yoga studio and serves on the Advisory Board of Mindful Studio magazine. She is an active Board Member of the Laurel District Association.



Katrina is a co-owner and yoga instructor at Anasa Yoga.  She has taught yoga for Alameda Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre,  Alameda Yoga Station and Adeline Yoga Studio. She has 20+ years of experience as a program coordinator, theatrical director, health educator and performer for Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre.  She was a health counselor and research associate for UCSF Center for Health and Community's Healthy Beverage Initiative study. She is a 2015 graduate of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Leadership Oakland. Since 2012, Katrina has served as a volunteer for GirlTrek (www.Girltrek.org), a national health organization that inspires African American women and girls to live their healthiest and most fulfilled lives simply by walking. Katrina is both a yoga instructor and a graduate student at Mills College. She is currently a health and wellness instructor for Civicorp Learning Academy, and a Masters Candidate at the Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy at Mills College. She is a graduate of the The Yoga Room's 500-hour teacher training program based in Berkeley, CA, where she continues to study, and also   studies with Maty Ezraty and Senior Iyengar teacher, Marla Apt.



Yoga comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means to “yoke” or “join”, as in connecting one’s mind, body, and spirit - or connecting our individual selves and communities with the rest of the world and that which is greater than ourselves.  Yoga is believed to have originated in India roughly 5,000 years ago.  The physical practices most familiar in Western World studios often prepare the mind and body for stillness and  meditation.  Anasa Yoga offers Hatha Yoga, and other wellness and healing practices. Hatha Yoga includes holding and or flowing through a series of physical poses, also known as “asana” and includes relaxation, meditation, and breathing techniques. Hatha Yoga offered at Anasa Yoga blends safe body alignment with intelligent sequencing of the poses.  At Anasa Yoga, there is a class offering for every level of experience from true beginner to advanced practitioner. Anasa Yoga Studio is fully equipped with yoga props to support practitioners in modifying poses and giving a clear sense of the action and direction of the pose.

The health benefits of yoga are well researched and documented. Yoga can help to: develop and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints and reduce incidences of obesity; increase flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance for all ages; and may prevent or delay the development of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes in adults.  Research has found that yoga practitioners experience decreased depression, stress, and anxiety-related symptoms. Studies also show that yoga may be more effective than conventional care for reducing chronic low back pain and pain medication use. Yoga provides a balanced fitness regimen for people who regularly engage in strength and aerobic activity, but are looking for ways to maintain a healthy range of motion by maintaining or improving their flexibility, balance, and alignment. Yoga and deep breathing exercises create a genuine sense of calm because they lower blood pressure and slow down the sympathetic nervous system, the system that is responsible for producing "fight or flight" hormones in response to stress.  A regular yoga practice of at least two times a week teaches one to be present, more aware, and in control of making healthy choices while letting go of harmful ones.

Our community extends from new and experienced yoga practitioners, to yoga teachers, neighbors, and local merchants.  And, our yoga practice brings awareness to the knowledge that we are all connected.  From allocating 30 minutes between classes, to the essence of our inspired “Love” mural, we strive to make everyone feel welcome and invested in creating a healthy lifestyle.  Anasa Yoga strongly believes that if an individual is healthy, so is that community.  And community can then become a place where we can work together to identify and solve problems, generate improvements, and raise the quality of life for all.