Welcome to Anasa Yoga. To have the best yoga experience, here are a few things to consider before class:

Try to avoid eating at least 1-2 hours before class. If you must eat something we recommend something light.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows the teacher to make sure your body is in healthy alignment.

Bring a mat and maybe a small towel. If you do not have a mat, they are available for rent or purchase in the studio. However for hygiene reasons and to support your own yoga practice we recommend having a personal mat. Plus it takes a lot of energy for us to clean the mats after each use per our policy.

A water fountain is available in the studio, but we encourage you to  bring your own refillable bottle to stay hydrated during class.

Arrive 15 minutes early for your first class to complete registration and waiver form.

There is free parking next to the studio in the Pharmacy lot (please park only beside our building during Pharmacy hours). Due to safety reasons and to ensure a proper warm-up no one will be admitted to class if more than 10 minutes late.

Prepare to be barefoot in yoga class. We have coatracks and cubbies in the front lobby for storing your shoes and socks.  After signing in at the front desk clipboard and leaving your shoes in the front lobby cubbies, you may enter the studio and place your personal belongings in the classroom cubbies.

Classes that meet in Studio 2, the back lounge studio, have a capacity of 7 students. Preregistration is recommended. Please check-in at the front desk clipboard and carry your shoes and all belongings with you into the back studio.

Please silence cell phones and other mobile devices.

Due to the environmental sensitivities of members in our community, please be clean of scented laundry products, hair and body products, oils, cologne, perfume, smoke, and incense when you visit the studio. 

Lost & Found items must be retrieved within 30 days or may be donated to local organizations.

Know that a yoga practice or class of at least 2 times per week offers the most health benefits where you will experience increased flexibility and strength.

What's the difference between your classes labelled as "vinyasa" and "hatha"? We use these descriptions to differentiate between flow yoga classes and slower-moving yoga classes.  Our vinyasa classes typically link movement with awareness of the breath (inhaling and exhaling).  The class is sequenced to focus on flowing from one pose to the next, rather than focusing one one pose at a time.  Our hatha classes typically move slower and focus on one pose at a time.  They tend to include more instruction, more space for modifications and the use of props. We strive to include instruction for safe alignment in all of our classes. 

You can click Classes or Workshops to see the schedule, sign up, and pay online.

Or easily find and book your next class on our MINDBODY app.  To get started, create an account with the same email you're currently using to book online. Once logged in, simply tap on the search icon and type in Anasa Yoga to see our schedule and book your next class. Click the heart above the studio name, Anasa Yoga, to save us as a favorite. After you book, you can easily find us again from your Favorites.  Click on the button to download the free MINDBODY app.


Studio Policies:
1.     Workshops are non-refundable unless otherwise noted.
2.     Class Purchases, Memberships, and Gift Cards are non-refundable and non-transferable to other Students.
3.     If you are purchasing a Class or Workshop registration for someone other than yourself, please email us with their name(s) and email address(es).
4.     We do not offer refunds on unused portions of Class Packages, Memberships, or Drop-in purchases.
5. You can cancel your booked Weekly Classes online. You won't be charged for booked Weekly Classes that you don't attend.
6.     Please bring your own mat for everyone’s benefit.  We rent communal mats for $1 and wash them after each use. Help us save time and mat cleaner!